Codename : KYjeller , Miller time Years tattooing : 69
History : Kyle is on his third life the reincarnation of a very skilled and humble artist .Kyle's first life was as a monkey before the evolution of man. He first started by poking his friends with sharp long sticks . Until one day he poked one of his friends with the burned end of the stick and birth the first tattoo. Starting with only dots for the first few years was how it all started. He enjoyed making the dots on his friends but his life was cut short due to a fight with a sabertooth tiger , they both died. Kyle's second life was as a Russian vodka maker who was sent to prison for bootlegging and prostitution while in prison Kyle learned the art of tattooing and FiFi making. While Kyle was very skilled at tattooing the fifi's didn't quite work out. Kyle was the first to use urine and Ash to make sterile ink. The many years of names crosses and teardrops had made Kyle a legend in the Russian prison systems that he died in. Now Kyle has been returned to earth as a calm easy-going white boy whose only love in life is Art and tattooing so come see Kyle and see what three lives of tattooing can do.


Kyle Miller

Good tattoos aren't cheap; cheap tattoos aren't good.